Young Achiever

The Young Achievers Program empowers students with essential life skills, study habits and digital literacy, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth. With an emphasis on practical application students embark on a journey of discovery, equipping them with the tools and confidence to thrive academically and beyond.

Next Batch

May 2024

Wednesday & Thursday


4 Weeks

2 sessions per week

Target Audience

Grade 6-8

Teaching Mode


Online Live Classes



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Key Skills developed by Young Achievers

What will Young Achievers learn?

  • Week 1:

Achievers will learn to express themselves confidently, articulate ideas clearly, deliver engaging presentations,and delving into visual communication methods such as Mindmaps.

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Program Outcomes

Building Confidence in Public Speaking
Improved Self-Management & Problem solving
Personalised Portfolio presentation

What will our Young Achievers earn?

E-Certificates on Completion of Program
Customized Reports on Young Achievers Journey
Interactive knowledge sharing sessions with Industry experts.

What our students have to say?

I feel that the StartupYou program has enhanced me in many ways. Firstly, the environment and people who come to speak are the most positive and smart. Secondly, all the interactions in the program are appreciable.

Sahasra Koppala - Hyderabad

The StartupYou program has been an amazing experience and it really helped me in taking my next step in life, this honestly was an amazing choice, and I can say for a fact it was totally worth it. I’m still just on the Beginners level but I have been able to learn so much thanks to Startup school, It’s worth the time.

Sanvi Kurade - Bangalore

My takeaway from the classes of StartupYou is it helped in my daily life a lot, for example organizing tasks, prioritizing tasks in my To-Do list, time management etc. One of the StartupYou things taught me during online class which helped me the most in my daily life was the SMART-C goals. It had taught me to make goals and see if they fall into these categories, if not it is either left out or done later and helped a lot clearing tasks.

Jayesh Negi - Belgaum

Startup You conducted sessions online for five weeks and they were for grades 7 to 11. The sessions provided a lot of information on design thinking, creative mindset, time management, goal setting and gave a basic introduction on how to start or run a business. There were also a lot of fun activities conducted such as the idea bank, SMART-C goals and creative thinking.

Rahi Samant - Belgaum
10 +
Cohorts Run
150 +
Students Enrolled
12 +
Schools Participated
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Frequently Asked Questions

Students from any board or curriculum in Grades 6 through 8 are eligible to join this program.

Please don’t worry! With prior notice given to your faculty in charge, we will share a recording with you, or you can request a one-on-one follow-up session with us.

Each session of the program will be one hour in duration.

No, there are no graded assessments. However, we will have an array of “quests” that each student must complete to receive their completion certificate and program report.

Please note that these quests are announced during sessions, so it is important for students to attend online sessions.

No prior knowledge is needed to enroll. We will share pre-reads with each cohort for all students to access. Reviewing them will be beneficial for interactions during the sessions.

Yes, absolutely! We will provide details for the same in advance.

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