Teacher Intrapreneurs

“Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching”- Author Unknown

At Indus, there has been continuous investment of time, resources and energy on self and professional development of our staff. Teachers are lifelong learners who are required to continuously reskill themselves in order to remain relevant. In fact, with AI taking over many areas in the education sector, the need of the hour is for teachers to find what they can do (that AI cannot) and relentlessly pursue equipping themselves in this regard. While AI and technology have proven to be able to effectively delivery content, teachers must now focus on education of the heart and mind. In other words, look at developing the 21st century competencies in their learners. In this regard, self more than professional development is now at the nucleus of their learning journey.
The Start-up School is yet another avenue for teachers to learn-unlearn-relearn. We believe teachers must also work towards strengthening their (life) entrepreneurial mindset and this in the long run, will strengthen the innovation culture of Indus.
We invited application from teachers and staff across the three Indus campuses and a final list of 20 members from each school was finalised. Our colleagues from the Indus Training and Research Institute have also registered. Hence, a total of 67 teacher-learners will embark on this journey in the Start-up School’s first year of operations.
The teacher-learners, as the term suggests will play a dual role. As learners, they will observe, shadow and learn from parent mentors when they work with the Track 2 students. And as teachers, they will mentor and coach the Track 1 students. Teacher-learners will play an active role in the design thinking projects and will also pursue courses part of their self-directed learning. The latter will include courses on Performance Psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and deep reading.
We are certain that while the teacher-learners succeed in reskilling themselves, this will have far reaching benefits in the quality of education at Indus. After all, the influence of a teacher cannot be ignored and they play the role of messengers of hope and inspiration in the lives of their students.