Proven Tips To Study Smarter And Save Time

Trying to balance life’s day-to-day commitments and studying can be quite overwhelming. Whether you’re studying for your Bachelor’s degree, an MBA, or simply expanding your knowledge base, these tips will help you study smart and achieve your goals so that you can save time for everything else that matters in your life.

  • Study in short chunks

This technique says that the optimal study period in one continuous stretch is 2 hours. So you should study in chunks or segments. Avoid all-nighters, start planning and reading early in the study period and make a study schedule.

  • Get in the zone

Create the ideal study space, and gather all the books and items you will need. This prep time also prepares the brain for study. Also, limit distractions – if you must listen to music, choose melodic music without lyrics, and of course, leave your phone alone and stay off social media.

  • Make Notes

Making notes is one of the common tips most of the students follow and we also agree that this is one of the effective tips to clear the concepts. Notes really help in making your concept clear and it helps in saving a huge amount of time.

  • Sleep and Exercise

You absorb information better when you’re alert, well-fed, and rested – and even better after you’ve exercised.

Your brain produces a large number of Alpha Waves which is responsible to enhance productivity and memory, also it reduces anxiety and depression. Your brain produces these alpha waves when you wake up in the morning, just before you go to bed, after a light aerobic exercise or meditation so these are the best time to study.

  • Time Table

There is no smarter tip than planning. Plan your week, plan your entire day even plan your last hour for studies. Your brain becomes more productive when it knows what exactly has to do and for how long.

  • Use innovative resources

Watching videos, attending live classes, online paper solving, speed tests, etc. can do wonders while learning a boring subject.



These techniques will help you perform better and make your study process worth looking forward to. So, follow these smart study tips and see a significant decrease in the amount of time required to learn things.