Keynote Speakers

Abhiir Bhalla

Climate Mindedness Workshop

Indrani Ghosh Choudhary

Founder - Speaking Hat

Mohammed Azmat

Entrepreneur & Powerlifter

Ms. Rasika Prashant

CMO, Tata Consumer Soulfull

Dr. Anjana Vinod Kumar

Published Author & Keynote Speaker

Dr. Arun Sacher

Director Sachar Consultants & Keynote Speaker

Orijit Chaliha

Indian Badminton player (International Level)

Sampada Pachaury

Director and Board member at IUCEE Foundation


StartupYou has been the best choice of my life. While it has gotten a bit more lecture than activity, I sort of like it more. SUY has improved my understanding of multiple concepts including Empathy, Life skills, and other skills too.

Aditya Bhusannavar - Pune

I feel that the StartupYou program has enhanced me in many ways. Firstly, the environment and people who come to speak are the most positive and smart. Secondly, all the interactions in the program are appreciable.

Sahasra Koppala - Hyderabad

The StartupYou program has been an amazing experience and it really helped me in taking my next step in life, this honestly was an amazing choice, and I can say for a fact it was totally worth it. I'm still just on the Beginners level, but I have been able to learn so much thanks to Startup school. It's worth the time.

Sanvi Kurade - Bangalore

StartupYou has changed my life. Ever since I joined, I have learnt numerous concepts about life and how to live life. This curriculum has taught me that academics without a sense of direction in life is futile. This program will prepare you for life by developing competencies of the 21st century. You learn to develop a practical understanding of the business world.

Nishanth Reddy Aduma - Hyderabad

The StartupYou experience was beyond words. After many successful sessions I was able discover just how enjoyable learning about new ideas and processes can be. I will continue to keep this experience close to my heart because it enabled me to fulfill my Tikkun Olam & taught me about how to lead a triumphant life along the way keeping in mind the core values.

Jay Pasi - Bangalore

StartupYou is really a good platform to develop our Entrepreneurial skills, if we are aiming to become a successful person in all aspects of our life. I was part of the beginner level, where I had really good experience with trainer and seekers as well. At the end of every session, we have been assigned with the quests, which really helped to practice in our day-to-day life.

Poorvi Tanappa - Belgaum

StartupYou conducted sessions online for five weeks and they were for grades 7 to 11. The sessions provided a lot of information on design thinking, creative mindset, time management, goal setting and gave a basic introduction on how to start or run a business. There were also a lot of fun activities conducted such as the idea bank, SMART-C goals and creative thinking.

Rahi Samant - Belgaum

My takeaway from the classes of StartupYou is, it helped in my daily life a lot, for example organizing tasks, prioritizing tasks in my To-Do list, time management, etc. One of the StartupYou things taught me during online class which helped me the most in my daily life was the SMART-C goals. It had taught me to make goals and see if they fall into these categories, if not it is either left out or done later and helped a lot in clearing tasks.

Jayesh Negi - Belgaum

We learnt a lot in these classes such as design thinking, creative mindset, bringing up new ideas, goal setting etc. The sessions have helped me a lot in my daily life and we are able to build more innovative ideas. It also helped us to think out of the box and being more organised. The facilitators were very cool with us and they also helped us with our quests.

Aarohi Raibagi

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