Assessments will include a combination of individual and team assessments:

A mathematical model for entrepreneurial rigor will help assess students’ progress at an individual level in terms of critical competencies, while team assessments will be based on various data points that will include DTP projects, business challenges and hackathons.

Furthermore, students will be provided with a personalized report on their performance which will be both descriptive and predictive in nature, including graphic analysis. Based on this, an individual learning plan will be drawn up and monitored by the mentors.

The batches will be announced on the website and social media platforms. Those interested may fill in the online application/re-enrolment form and the team will get back to you with more details and information. Incase of any queries, feel free to write to info@startupyou.in

It is our belief that in today’s world, talent and strength reside within the team, not the individual.

Hence, every student will be part of a 6–8-member team which is heterogeneous in nature. The team mix includes students across age groups, gender, competencies and location. The reason for doing so is that heterogeneity will allow for different perspectives being put forth and analyzed before arriving at a decision while pursuing a common goal.

Furthermore, team members can leverage each other’s strengths and develop their ideation, collaboration, negotiation and persuasive communication skills. Also, the application form of StartupYou is designed in such a manner that it provides us with data points that will help in the forming of heterogenous teams.

Yes, StartupYou is open to students from any board/curriculum /location, Grade 7 onwards

StartupYou offers a life entrepreneurship programme where the focus is on building an entrepreneurial mindset and critical competencies to help students become future ready.

Hence, by the time they graduate, students are equipped with these competencies that regardless of what the career they choose to pursue, they are sure to succeed.

The options that students have after completing the programme are many, one of which includes them setting up their own business or social enterprise.

Yes, in-fact six of our Grade 12 students have decided to take a gap year post their board examinations in May.

The gap year curation offers these students a variety of learning opportunities, including internships at MNC’s and Startup companies, community service, deep reading, conservation volunteering, pursuit of their higher purpose and vision, mentoring by life entrepreneurs, working in business incubation centers and thereafter launch their product in the market.

It is recommended that students complete the course of the program without any extended breaks.

The program is designed for a certain period (approx.6 months), which is informed by how our students see visible value when they continue their sessions at StartupYou every week.

Students who are unable to attend a particular session/s due to exams or health, are required to notify their facilitators in advance. Enrichment sessions for the session/s missed can be curated on a case-to- case basis.

Yes, there will be a certificate issued at the end of the course and it has no expiry date.

Students are also encouraged to create their own E-portfolio comprising of their journey at StartupYou which would help them with their university applications.

Experiences can be direct and indirect. In terms of the former, i.e., hands-on experience, the following are some of the opportunities:

a. Design thinking projects

b. Virtual Internships

c. Business Challenges & Hackathons

d. Pursuing goals to achieve one’s Vision.

StartupYou programs are online and open to all students from Grade 7 onwards. The sessions are after school hours and feasible for students to attend after their regular day. Every student will have 1 hour of a live faculty session (batch slots are 5.30 to 6.30 pm and 7 to 8 pm from Monday – Friday) and 1 hour on a Saturday morning to interact with Industry experts/ entrepreneurs and collaborate on their ideas. The curriculum is designed to develop leadership, business and innovation competencies and is structured based on the levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.