This week, we witnessed a whirlwind of creativity as our girls participated in a dynamic two-day boot camp on Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship hosted by Startup You.The focus? Nurturing the spirit of innovation and empowering the women entrepreneurs of tomorrow!What Made This Bootcamp Special?Interactive Learning: This bootcamp used mind maps and empathy exercises to dive deep into problem-solving, sparking a passion for in our students.

Idea Generation: Using design thinking principles, the girls explored challenges, brainstormed and honed their ideation techniques.

Pitching with Confidence: The culmination?? Captivating pitches showcasing their problem-solving skills, communication finesse and entrepreneurial spirit!!

Witnessing the Future of Innovation

Watching these young minds embrace challenges, think outside the box, and believe in their potential fills us with immense pride! They are a testament to the power of nurturing entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

A Heartfelt Thank You

A huge thank you to the amazing mentors from Startup You for their guidance and support in shaping these future leaders!