Creating Life Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Are you future-ready?

Startup You is a life entrepreneurship program that prepares K–12 students to become lifelong learners and be future-ready in an uncertain world.
In this online student startup course, they thrive to learn, unlearn, and relearn, as well as to upskill, reskill, rediscover, and reinvent continuously.

Online Startup Course for Students

We prepare students to become lifelong learners and be future-ready.
Learners will develop a growth mindset and entrepreneurial competencies through our online experiential learning modules.
Enhance your learning through direct interaction with industry mentors, entrepreneurs, and internship opportunities.

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Courses Offered

4 Weeks
2 Classes/Week


Deep dive into Business and Entrepreneurship, Effective Communication & Presentation Skills, Ideation Exercises

+ 18% GST

₹ 2,999

8 Weeks
2 Classes/Week


Introduction to Design Thinking, Goal Setting & Time Management, Ideation Techniques, Problem Exploration

+ 18% GST

₹ 7,999

16 Weeks
2 Classes/Week


Practicing Goal Setting and Time Management, Design Thinking & Rapid Prototyping, Introduction to Business Modelling and Entrepreneurship

+ 18% GST

₹ 14,999

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Take the Next Step Toward Your Personal and Professional Goals

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StartupYou is really a good platform to develop our Entrepreneurial skills, if we are aiming to become a successful person in all aspects of our life. I was part of the beginner level, where I had really good experience with trainer and seekers as well. At the end of every session, we have been assigned with the quests, which really helped to practice in our day-to-day life.

Poorvi Tanappa - Belgaum

StartupYou conducted sessions online for five weeks and they were for grades 7 to 11. The sessions provided a lot of information on design thinking, creative mindset, time management, goal setting and gave a basic introduction on how to start or run a business. There were also a lot of fun activities conducted such as the idea bank, SMART-C goals and creative thinking.

Rahi Samant - Belgaum

StartupYou has changed my life. Ever since I joined, I have learnt numerous concepts about life and how to live life. This curriculum has taught me that academics without a sense of direction in life is futile. This program will prepare you for life by developing competencies of the 21st century. You learn to develop a practical understanding of the business world.

Nishanth Reddy Aduma - Hyderabad

The StartupYou experience was beyond words. After many successful sessions I was able discover just how enjoyable learning about new ideas and processes can be. I will continue to keep this experience close to my heart because it enabled me to fulfill my Tikkun Olam & taught me about how to lead a triumphant life along the way keeping in mind the core values.

JAY PASI - Bangalore


Prabhash Nirbhay

Founder & CEO Flipcarbon

Dr. Ashwin Naik

Founder Manah Wellness

Sabari Ayyappan

CRO at Dynamite XDT

Samarth Kholkar

CEO & Co-Founder BLive

Vivek Bhutyani

VP & YouTube head Vedantu

Shilpa Reddy

Co-Founder at SustainKart

Ishan Sukul

Full Stack Founder, Kreo

Kapil Gaba

Sr Advisor, Country Head, OneValley

Lakshmi Malhotra

Founder-Resham Dor

Sonal Srivastava

Award winning seasoned Design leader | AVP, Creative Head (BYJU's)

Anurag Singh

Founder & Chief Design Engineer at AMEM

Manoj Anchan

Founder of HQGPL

Pooja Kapoor

Expert Marketer

Prasad Savarapu

Business Strategist


The StartupYou (SuY) life entrepreneurship program is structured not only to develop competencies to be business ready but to make each student life-ready and market-ready, to build a mindset that will make them ‘life entrepreneurs’ who are lifelong learners regardless of any environment they are in and will succeed in any career they choose to pursue.

StartupYou sessions are curated by specialized faculty members, with an emphasis on fun, engaging, interactive learning. Children aren’t required to spend excessive amounts of time on-screen. We encourage discussion, collaboration, independent thinking, and learning at their own pace.

StartupYou focuses on building and developing an entrepreneurial mindset within students and skills to design their future in order to remain relevant in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous [VUCA] world. We focus on the development of creative confidence, critical thinking, leadership, purpose, vision, empathy, adaptability, risk-taking, growth mindset, collaboration, and persuasive communication.

Experiences can be direct and indirect. In terms of the former, i.e., hands-on experience, the following are some of the opportunities:

a. Design thinking projects

b. Virtual Internships

c. Business Challenges & Hackathons

d. Pursuing goals to achieve one’s Vision.

StartupYou life entrepreneur programs are online and open to all students from Grade 7 onwards. The sessions are after school hours and feasible for students to attend after their regular day. Every student will have 1 hour of a live faculty session (batch slots are 5.30 to 6.30 pm and 7 to 8 pm from Monday – Friday) and 1 hour on a Saturday morning to interact with Industry experts/ entrepreneurs and collaborate on their ideas. The curriculum is designed to develop leadership, business and innovation competencies and is structured based on the levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced